29 Jan 2015

tutorial how to installing uniscan on windows 7

                                  ok i will accept my promise before ^_^  ,, i will make a tutorial  how to installing uniscan in windows 7 ,, dont worry windows 7 can be an operation system for security tester now hehehe ,, before we start tutorial we need install strawberry thats application for running script perl on windows
            if u dont know how to installing strawberry application u can follow my tutorial before this
this is tutorial how to installing perl in windows 7

                        ok now we start to installing uniscan ,, we need uniscan program download here

ok if u finish download uniscan from my link extract them in one folder and rename uniscan and copy to folder strawberry look at this picture

position copy in mycomputer/localdisk C:/STRAWBERRY/PERL

i installing strawberry in local disk C: ,, next we start to tested running ^_^

open your CMD ( command Promt )

look your directory folder and typing in cmd where u extract uniscan and running uniscan.pl

in my computer i extract it in C:\Strawberry\perl  we need open directory folder in cmd

type CD ../..   and type dir to look your direktori ,, now u see strawberry in your directory ,, now type again CD strawberry to open it ,, if u done type it ,, type again dir ,, to look again your directory if u see perl in cmd type again cd perl ..  ,, type again dir ,, and u will see directory uniscan :D almost done  ,, we need open directory uniscan again hehhee type again cd uniscan

now we type dir and search uniscan.pl if u see it u can running it on cmd

type this for help in cmd  uniscan.pl -help

hehehe now u can running uniscan in windows 7 good job brother :D

ok see you next time  im sry my english very bad

THankz for look my tutorial ^_^

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tutorial how to installing uniscan on windows 7

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