20 Nov 2012

script to Ddos

Are you searching for a script to Ddos a website , and yes it is some reputed site using some older version of Apache webserver ? (If you donot know a lot about it go and google 'whois info:www.yoursite.com' and click a relevant link to find webserver version.

1 . If you find that the webserver version is older than 2.2.3 , then you are on the move , proceed. If not , no luck for you by this method . Check out other posts , SQL Injection using Havij and such.

(SKIP this step if you aren't sure about it)

2 . Now , as always , you should have your machine switched to backtrack , if you are still on windows , Switch to Linux , now .

3. Copy the Script below


just copy the SCRIPT .

4. Save the script as .py file , probably in gedit text editor.

5. Go to location of file. for e.g. if you have it on your desktop , go to terminal and

cd /root/desktop/

6. make the file executable . If you have named ' something.py ' ,

chmod a+x something .py

7. Now to use it to DDOS a site ,

./something.py -u www.yoursite.com

ONLY If you wanna use a proxy to remain anonymous , find a proxy from this post and
./something.py -u www.yoursite.com --proxy=http://proxy address:port address

eg. ./something.py -u www.ekantipur.com --proxy=

(Proxy address used is random one , you could find a real one here )

8. Now if target is Vulnerable , It will print 'target seems to be Vulnerable ' and 'starting new threads'

9. THERE you have it . YOu can test if the site is down at isup.me . It will ping the website from different proxies and will return result to you .


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script to Ddos

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